Avocados Found to Contain Antioxidant, Anticancer Fats

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New research finds that some of the fats in avocado are antioxidant and block cancer growth. This is in addition to the incredible array of health properties of the humble avocado. The new research looked at the antioxidant capacities of the avocado and found that the avocado’s lipophilic phytonutrients, which include tocopherols, sterols, monusaturates, carotens and acetogenins, provide the bulk of these antioxidant benefits. The acetogenins in avocados have been found to provide more than just antioxidant benefits. Researchers from Ohio State University found that two of avocados’ acetogenins – dihydroxyheptadecenyl acetate and dihydroxyheptadecynyl acetate – inhibited the growth of cancer cells.
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