Natural remedies for Alzheimer's

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A couple of weeks ago, I read a research study on Alzheimer's and the plant ashwangandha. Following up on that research I found it had also been proven effective for stress reduction, energy, vitality, anxiety, insomnia, backache and more. I'm always interested in what my readers can grow themselves so I did some more research. Ashwangandha has a growing season of 200 days in order to mature and produce seeds, too long for areas not in the sub-tropics or tropics unless you have a heated green house. Because of the long growing season, I searched my data base and other resources to see if anything could be grown outside of the subtropic/tropic regions that would have some, or all, of the same effects. As we age, a substance called amyloid beta (aka brain sludge or B.S.) builds up in our brain cells. Brain sludge is connected with "senior moments," dementia, Alzheimer's and a long list of problems including most of those treated by ashwagandha. One comment on brain sludge read, "It (brain sludge) mucks up your memory, gunks up your neurons and zaps your brain cell energy." Brain sludge isn't necessary, or something that can't be avoided to a large degree. It's a by-product of diet, lack of proper nutrients and the lack of, or incorrect types of, exercise. Poor health is a self-inflicted problem.
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