Drug companies are hiding research

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Drug companies may not be publishing complete and comprehensive data that could affect a physician's ability to practice safe and effective medicine. 'Evidence based medicine' is the trend in the medical community. But, what if the research was biased and based on selectively published clinical trials? It seems that this may be what is actually happening and it could be a deadly scenario for all of us. Alltrials.net Alltrials.net is a website created by Dr. Ben Goldacre, turned epidemiologist. Dr. Goldacre felt misled with information that drug companies were hiding critical clinical trial results. Dr. Goldacre explained in a Ted Talk that while positive clinical trial results are published, many negative clinical trial results are not published. As pharmaceutical companies publish positive data and suppress the negative, physicians base clinical decisions on what may be biased and selective data. Anti-depressants As an example, anti-depressants have led to a billion dollar pharmaceutical industry in North America. However, these medications are rarely prescribed in many countries overseas. A recent analysis of 74 studies of anti-depressants showed that 38 clinical trial results were positive and 36 trial results were negative (1). 37 out of the 38 clinical of the positive results were published while only one out of the 36 negative results was published (1). This is an example of a misleading bias, which may have caused many physicians, including Dr. Goldacre and I, to practice unsafe medicine because what is believed to be 'evidence based medicine, could actually be 'selectively biased medicine'.
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