Companies that profit from unhealthy food say 'keep eating junk, just exercise more'

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With a new-found exercise obsession, Coca-Cola and other companies are trying to shift the blame for what they're doing to our health. New rule (as Bill Maher would say): If you make billions of dollars a year selling unhealthy food, you don't get to tell us to work out. It was one thing when Cookie Monster began telling kids to eat vegetables. Cookie Monster doesn't earn a living by selling cookies, and vegetables are a fantastic alternative to cookies. But it was a totally different story when Ronald McDonald went all Richard Simmons on us, visiting schools to tell kids to work out. Exercise is a great idea, but it's not diet advice. Yet this is a frequent tactic of many of the corporations that rake in profits by selling us junk. Take Coca-Cola's shameless new fitness campaign. "Are you sitting on a solution?" asks a photo on the company's website, depicting two people cuddled up, sitting on a beach. The thing is, they're drinking the problem: Coca-Cola.
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