Milk: Does it really do a body good?

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Like most nutritionally oriented doctors out there, I certainly have my opinions when it comes to diet, one of the strongest of which is that I do not believe there is any one, single dietary approach that is ideal for everyone. We are individuals, and some of us require individualized dietary plans that can run the gamut of the various options out there.

Low carb? High carb? Low fat? High fat? Paleo? Vegan? USDA Food Pyramid? What is the right answer? Again, my feeling is, it depends. 

That is unless we are taking about one particular food..... Dairy. In my practice, I routinely request that my patients do a therapeutic trial of avoiding dairy (and possibly other foods), to see how their bodies respond. More often than not, doing provides a tremendous benefit. For some, it can be life changing. What about calcium and my bones? The argument against avoiding dairy I hear the most involves calcium and the concern people have (especially parents) that avoiding dairy, which is touted to be the best source of calcium for us, would mean you will get deficient in calcium. A quick review of the scientific literature and common sense would reveal that: 1. The calcium in dairy products are poorly absorbed. Therefore, even though the amount in them is high, the amount we get from them is relatively low. 2. There are numerous other foods out there that provide a significant source of more usable calcium. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, here are the top food sources of calcium and their relative absorption rates. Do we need dairy products for calcium? You be the judge:
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