Milk: Truth or Consequences

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Milk: Truth or Consequences


“Milk: It does A Body Good” no longer holds the glamour it once did. More and more research is showing that dairy products, including yogurt, are not the health panacea that the industry has led us to believe for several generations. In fact, the reverse is proving itself to be the truth.

The Research Is In

In the mid-1960’s, Drs. Kurt Oster and Donald Ross of Fairfield University in Connecticut concluded a 20- year research by reporting that drinking milk may be even more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. Oster adds, “And you are almost ambushed into drinking milk.” Their study concluded that consuming homogenized milk products allowed small amounts of the enzyme xanthine oxidase (XO) to pass into the bloodstream, resulting in hardening of the arteries. The study estimated that consumption of this enzyme in homogenized dairy products was responsible for an estimated 500,000 deaths each year in the United States.

Since the early ‘80’s, numerous studies have reported that 90% of the world’s population lack the rennin that is necessary to digest dairy products. The main culprit has been identified as casein, a complex protein that becomes virtually indigestible with pasteurization. As a result, dairy products currently share top honors with wheat products on the list of foods that cause mucous and allergies in the human body. Also, the levels of protein and phosphorus are 300% and 50% higher, respectively, than those found in human milk. There is increasing evidence that this can lead to a calcium deficiency, resulting in osteoporosis. Finally, the presence of increased hormones and antibiotics in the milk supply due to current farming techniques is suspected to be a conspirator in a widening variety of degenerative diseases, including liver and kidney disorders.

Most recently a report from John Hopkins University describes milk and dairy foods as “a problem child to human health.” Even the noted guru of child development, Dr. Spock, said that this long-overdue information for a generation propagandized to the benefits of these products. He agreed with the doctors involved in the study by saying that not only should you avoid milk but also “at no time in the life of human is there a need to consume dairy foods.”

Answering the Critics

The dairy industry has always responded by saying that milk and dairy products are necessary to get enough calcium and protein for optimum body development. The truth is that dark green vegetables and sprouts, grains, nuts and some fruit are higher quality sources of both calcium and protein. Green drinks are the true milk for adult and child alike.

Once a person makes the conscious decision to eliminate dairy products from her or his diet for health improvement, (s)he often experiences withdrawal symptoms for several weeks as the residual poisons from years of consumption are eliminated from the body. These symptoms can include a cold, aching joints, and occasional headaches. Here at the Institute, we realize the challenges faced by those of you who want to achieve the highest level of health possible and support you in working through these challenges.


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