Are environmental chemicals making you fat?

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Those who subscribe to mainstream health advice often have a good laugh at those of us who believe in alternative health treatments; especially when it comes to our concerns about toxins in the environment. To them, words like 'toxins' and 'detoxing' are just marketing terms that snake oil salesman use to sell their products to health nuts. But we know better. We understand that there are very nasty chemicals lingering in our environment, and we know that even in small amounts they can have an accumulative effect over the course of our lifetimes. We also know that the human body can soak up these chemicals like a sponge, and they aren't always just 'expelled' by the body as is commonly believed. These substances build up, and often linger in the human body for years. Fortunately, science has been catching up to what we've known all along. In fact, the scientific community is beginning to realize that these chemicals are not only making us sick, but more specifically they are making us obese and diabetic.
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