Big Pharma Tries to Discredit Documents Hidden By CDC Linking Vaccines to Autism

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On February 21, 2013, we published the press release from A Shot of Truth which announced that after nearly 10 years of trying to obtain documents from the CDC through over 100 Freedom of Information Acts (FOIAs), that Dr. Brian Hooker had finally obtained documents showing that the CDC had been hiding data linking the mercury in vaccines to autism. This story has gone viral on the Internet, receiving a lot of attention, as can be expected given the fact that the CDC now admits that one in every 50 children in the U.S. are now diagnosed with autism. Apparently, Big Pharma was already expecting this, and very quickly issued an attack piece to discredit the data that had been released. The person appointed to write this response, was a pro-pharma, pro-vaccine, pro-GMO "science" writer. Interestingly, the response was not published in a scientific or medical publication, but in a business magazine. As we wrote earlier today, journalist and constitutional attorney Glen Greenwald published information earlier this week showing how international spy agencies train Internet trolls to use deception and manipulation to infiltrate social media. And that's exactly what the trolls did, targeting sources all over social media who were covering the press release and pointing them to this article, which was reprinted in many mainstream media sources, most of them in the financial sector. This news is obviously seen as a threat to the multi-billion dollar vaccine empire. So here is the response to the Big Pharma hit piece, written by Dr. Brian Hooker and A Shot of Truth:

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